624 Bottles and Counting…

Final Bottle Display

Final Bottle Display

A Bottle Display Built to Last 20 Years

We just installed this display made up of 624 bottles at the BIG BAR at
the Hyatt Regency Chicago.The Hyatt asked us to create a bottle installation that would last for up to 20 years! For us this posed a slight challenge when designing a display using glass, a very fragile material.


By combining the minds of our most talented designers and engineers, together they came up with a system that not only houses the LED lights discreetly, but also makes the bottle easily accessible for quick and easy replacement


  1. WE LOVE TO PROTOTYPE! An 18” x 18” mockup wall was created to test all of the various methodologies that our design team came up with.
  2. BY THE NUMBERS: The 13’ tall by 9’ wide display, is made up of 624 blue bottles, each one is capped with its own super-bright LED (624 LED lights!) helping to create the blue glow.
  3. THOUSANDTHS OF AN INCH: The holes that the bottles were slid into,  were calibrated to the thousandth’s of an inch– this helped to get the bottle-necks to sit super securely.
  4. SAFETY FIRST: To protect the bottles from dust and breakage a thin perforated acrylic sheet was mounted to the case, this is used to protect the top of the glass bottles (most fragile part)but still allows the ends of the bottles to sit exposed and shine brightly.
  5. EASY ACCESS: Just in case a bottle does break there is a secret hinged panel that opens for easy access cleaning and replacement.
  6. ADD-ONS: The large aluminum logo was mounted carefully on stand-offs positioned in-between the bottles.