Take the Kids: Explore the ‘trails’ at Southpoint’s new indoor play area

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This post was originally featured on WRAL.com by Sarah Lindenfeld Hall, Go Ask Mom editor  Just in time for the holiday shopping season, The Streets at Southpoint in Durham opened its new children’s play area this month called The Trails at Southpoint. With an outdoor theme, the space features three play areas, including a winding …

Crab Apple Structure at the Morton Arboretum

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This stylized and sculptural crab apple is sited near a large crab apple orchard in the internationally known Morton Arboretum. Our carpenters created it by laminating 19 layers of CNC cut ½” plywood that was fitted to an elaborately made form that accommodated the entire lamination process from beginning to end. When finished the piece …

Giant Dinosaur Egg

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Perched atop a big shipping crate, in front of the Milwaukee Public Museum, was a very large dinosaur egg created in our studio to announce that a touring dinosaur exhibit was coming. When the exhibit opened, we placed a cracked open egg in front of the museum as if the dinosaur had hatched! This was a …

You Are Beautiful Piece

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“You Are Beautiful” is another Matthew Hoffman art piece. We constructed it out of 24 layers of ½ inch MDF, each one painted a different color. We also fabricated the base for this sculpture with an internal structure that could support the 800 pound piece on just two points. We installed this commissioned art piece …

Bentley Carpets NEOCON Showroom

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We worked with Bentley Carpets, a long time client, to create their 2017 NEOCON showroom. We transformed a bare concrete room into their “Outskirts” themed beer garden bar and rustic carpet sample house – all fabricated out of sandblasted wood.

Over And Over Art Panel

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This is an installation by artist Matthew Hoffman called “Over And Over”. Each one of the artist’s hand-written phrases was unique so we had to determine how break them apart to create six individual panels. We then cut each individual phrase on our CNC router out of one-inch milk white acrylic plastic then seamlessly reconnected them …

Giant Tree

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We create a lot of trees for our opera and theater work, but this one for Matrex Exhibits was one of the biggest ever.

How Van Gogh’s Bedroom Was Rebuilt as a Living Masterpiece

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Ever wanted to live in a masterpiece? A Chicago apartment lets you live in Van Gogh's 'Bedroom.'