9th Annual Chicago Guerrilla Truck Show

Kevin, Jake and Beau

Last Tuesday DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids) hosted the 9th annual Guerrilla truck Show. In just 24 hours Beau Hale and Kevin Dean Taylor renovated the back of a 23 foot moving truck into a “loft” space where they displayed their one-of-a-kind works.

Faux brick pillars and a wooden beam framed the exterior of the truck, drop ceiling panels with can lights, cork flooring and off white walls created a serine “living space.” Beau Hale’s lighting, furniture and accessories created a mid-century modern feel to the space whereas Kevin Dean Taylor’s abstract, multimedia, assemblage paintings brought the walls to life with pops of bright colors. The truck was a great mockup of how with a few simple pieces you can create a wonderful and serine living space.

Great job guys!

Check out pictures from the event!

One thought on “9th Annual Chicago Guerrilla Truck Show

  1. alyce

    The dynamic duo – Beau and Kevin and now it’s a trio with Jake. That is the cutest shot ever. May the long nights of work pay off! miss you.

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