The Art of the Bicycle

Carboard Bike!Gearing up with Bike’s

Together with our strategy and design partner Luci Creative, we recently worked with our friends at the Museum of Science and Industry on a new permanent exhibit called “The Art of the Bike”!


This exhibit features some of the most rare and historic bikes, paired with the newest and coolest, high-tech bikes. Using 9 restored artifacts from the museum’s collection, 5 new racing bikes, and 10 contemporary bikes, this exhibit celebrates the amazing evolution of the bicycle.

Shop Notes:

  1. Bikes are designed to sit on the ground, not hang in the air. We had to look at every bike individually and determine based on its weight and how the frame is built where we could attach a lift point so it would look nice and not damage the bike. We then created a custom mount piece to attach it from the bike to the ceiling.
  2. While we were hanging the bikes, we learned that some places the ceiling was drywall, hung off of old plaster and lathe ceiling, which was dropped 24” from concrete. (The Museum of Science and Industry is a SUPER OLD building that dates back to the WORLDS FAIR!) So we had to figure out how to distribute the load of the bikes so the ceiling would hold it and then it had to get certified by an engineer.
  3. We had to adjust to the changing needs of the exhibit. Over time the bikes are going to replaced with new artifacts and so will their locations. The mounts and platforms had to be flexible and versatile to accommodate.
  4. Our team had to install in a space that could not be fully closed off to the public at all times, so our install process had to be as neat and organized as possible. (take a look at the install photos)