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Garfield Park Conservatory: Graphic Panel Refresh

Posted by Ravenswood Studio on Feb 19, 2019 in

Just completed at the Garfield Park Conservatory! Check out this Luci Creative developed and designed interpretive graphic panel refresh.

The Ravenswood Studio team fabricated 11 of these 34″ x 17″ visitor enrichment graphics throughout 6 Garfield Park Conservatory exhibits. To maximize both a vibrant and modern aesthetic, and ensure durability in challenging and humid surroundings, the graphics were produced using an exterior grade / super-durable powder coating embedded to 1/8″ aluminum panels. We then steel-fabricated and installed custom support brackets, finished with a black VHT automotive coating.

We think these approachable and informative graphic panels integrate seamlessly and look right at home in their new environment.

Ravenswood Studio Custom Graphic Panels - Garfield Park Conservatory