The Bridges of Madison County at Marriott Theater in Lincolnshire

Posted by Ravenswood Studio on Sep 12, 2017 in

We created an automated 30’ long by 8’ high bridge for Marriott Theatre Lincolnshire’s production of Bridges of Madison County. There is a trap door in the center of the bridge that allows a bed to emerge. Also during a choreographed number, eight actors activate sliding scissor hinged trestles on both sides of the bridge.

Giant Tree

Posted by Ravenswood Studio on Sep 04, 2017 in
We create a lot of trees for our opera and theater work, but this one for Matrex Exhibits was one of the biggest ever.

How Van Gogh’s Bedroom Was Rebuilt as a Living Masterpiece

Posted by Ravenswood Studio on May 09, 2017 in
Ever wanted to live in a masterpiece? A Chicago apartment lets you live in Van Gogh's 'Bedroom.'