Children's Museum Exhibit Fabrication - Sound Playground - Chicago Children's Museum

Sound Playground at Chicago Children’s Museum

Posted by Ravenswood Studio on Jun 03, 2019 in

Recently completed for the Sound Playground exhibit at Chicago Children’s Museum, the Ravenswood Studio team fabricated two imaginative, interactive components where visitors are invited to hear, feel, and create their own sensory experiences.

“Big Boom” is a custom designed, 6-foot drum that children and adults can walk inside and operate with an oversized foot pedal. The custom drumhead is secured with 30 tuning arms to the maple veneered drum shell.

“Sound Match” is a one-of-a-kind learning activity where visitors can listen to sounds through groups of tubes, and match each sound to images above the component. We engineered and built the cabinetry and electronics that continuously loop the audio tracks through 16 flexible hoses.

We’re thrilled with the results of these sonic sculptures and how the interactives encourage children and adults alike to learn about the auditory world.

Children's Museum Custom Exhibit Fabrication - Sound-Playground - Ravenswood Studio.jpg