Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry Announces James Bond Exhibit

Posted by Ravenswood Studio on Feb 06, 2024 in

Ravenswood Studio is the exclusive exhibit fabricator for 007 Science: Inventing the World of James Bond. Project Partners include: Luci Creative (exhibit design), RLMG (media producer), Chinagraph (Media Producer), Angle Park (AV Intergrator), and MorLights (lighting design). Rendering provided by Luci Creative.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is unveiling a new exhibit titled “007 Science: Inventing the World of James Bond,” showcasing iconic vehicles and gadgets from the franchise, emphasizing the innovation and technology integral to the series. Kathleen McCarthy, the museum’s director of collections, highlights the exhibit’s focus on the creativity and engineering behind Bond’s gadgets and cars, offering insight into the influence of Bond films on real-world technology and emphasizing STEM education. The exhibit opens on March 7 and runs through Oct. 27, providing fans with an immersive experience into the science and ingenuity of James Bond.

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