Fort Snelling introduces a new exhibit to give a fuller picture of Minnesota history

Posted by Ravenswood Studio on Sep 13, 2023 in

A new exhibit at Historic Fort Snelling shows the site’s importance to Minnesota and the Dakota people.

Fort Snelling completed a revitalization project, renovating the visitor center to emphasize its complex history with the Dakota people. The response has been positive, and a new exhibit, “Many Voices, Many Stories, One Place,” opening on Sept. 16, will delve into the fort’s history and its significance to the Dakota, focusing on the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers—a sacred Dakota site. The exhibit also covers the role in Dred Scott’s story, a pivotal figure in the 1857 Supreme Court case that fueled the anti-slavery movement.

Read this article in the Star Tribune by Gannon Hanevold. Ravenswood Studio provided custom fabrication services for this project.