National Music Museum in Vermillion reopens renovated gallery spaces after being closed for five years

Posted by Ravenswood Studio on Aug 26, 2023 in

Sioux City’s National Music Museum unveiled a new gallery featuring a Javanese Gamelan, donated by Margaret Ann Martin Everist. The exhibit, representing only two-thirds of the museum’s collection, showcases the percussion orchestra’s instruments, including gongs and xylophones. The Everist Foundation supports educational programs, bringing students to the museum. Luci Creative transformed the museum’s look while emphasizing music’s impact on human creativity, culture, and connection. Exhibits cover diverse musical aspects, from jazz and violin building to the societal roles of instruments, offering an immersive experience.

Read this article from the Sioux City Journal by Peggy Senzarino. Ravenswood Studio provided exhibit fabrication and installation services for this project.