A Strong Partner When You Need One: Michael Shapiro Reflects on 2020

Posted by Ravenswood Studio on Dec 11, 2020 in

I think it’s safe to say that this year hasn’t been easy on any of us. We have all adjusted the way we operate to keep our team members safe, while continuing to support our clients. This year has tested us in ways I have never seen in my almost 40 years in the industry.

We were all hoping at Ravenswood Studio that we were going to be wrong when we started preparing to operate differently in late February. Unfortunately, COVID-19 had its own plans and we temporarily closed the fabrication portion of our shop in early March. And while we weren’t fully building exhibits, we weren’t sitting on our hands either.

We continued to move forward on projects in the drafting and project planning stages through digital communications and virtual video technologies. We also took the time at home to continue educating our team members on new best practices and techniques for fabrication. Those who had sewing skills were making and donating CDC-approved masks. We never have been, and never will be, a stagnate group.

Thankfully, in April we learned we were able resume full fabrication services. We were excited to get back to the shop, but knew it wouldn’t be business as usual. We swiftly started putting into action the plans we had made for our return. Staggered shifts were established. Health assessments and check-in procedures were put into place. Extra tools and supplies were made available as much as possible to reduce sharing.

We also had to consider the safety and well-being of our vendors and clients as we prepared to start resuming installations over the summer. We took the same policies and actions we were successfully using in our shop and applied them to our on-site team members. And as new projects began, we found effective ways to digitally connect with our clients and partners both near and far.

I can happily say that, against all odds, we continue to move forward. Things may look a little different in our shop these days, but that doesn’t mean we are slowing down by any means. We continue to push the boundaries of fabrication techniques and expand our services and capabilities. Our flat bed printer came online late last year allowing us to do much of our graphic production in house. And I’m most excited about our 274kW solar panel array commissioned in October. This will cover 90% of our electric needs on an annual basis. Here’s hoping for sunny days to come!

While this road has been bumpy and uncharted, and things are seemingly changing every day, Ravenswood Studio is committed to bringing you the high-quality fabrication it always has, while still ensuring the safety of our staff, vendors, and clients.

Through perseverance, quick action, and a staff dedicated to hard work and safety, we continue to stay busy. We are open for business and ready to begin your project when you are.

Here’s to a successful and healthier 2021.

All the Best,

Michael Shapiro, President & Owner