Curiosity Runway

Washington D.C.

Designer: Luci Creative

In partnership with National Children’s Museum, Ravenswood Studio supported the development of a fun and educational space for traveling children. Located just after the Reagan National Airport’s North Security Checkpoint, Curiosity Runway will provide families with a dedicated, comfortable area where young children can safely play, learn, and explore. Ravenswood Studio fabricated four different experiences with in the playspace including:

Paper Airplane Climber: Children will use multi-level platforms to climb to new heights in a whimsical structure modeled after a paper airplane.

Jetsetter Slide: After reaching the top of the Paper Airplane Climber, explorers will start their descent via the twisty Jetsetter Slide for a thrilling ride back to Earth.

Cruising Altitude Cloud Crawler: Curiosity Runway’s youngest visitors will crawl and toddle through an active, cloud-inspired play structure that encourages gross motor skill building.

“I Spy” Observation Deck: Future STEAM innovators will develop a deeper understanding of planes at the Observation Deck, where signage will prompt them to search the tarmac for airport equipment and planes, including the Boeing 737 MAX.


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