Themed Corporate Office

Southern, Wisconsin

Designer: Cunningham Group Architects & Software Company

The buildings on the campus of this software company are each unique in design, inspired by different locations, cultures, and the imaginations of their staff. In the Storybook campus, each building is themed based on classic storybooks – from science fiction, mystery, fantasy and more.

Ravenswood Studio worked closely with general contractors JH Findorff, designers Cunningham Group, and Owner to bring life to several of Jules Verne’s novels, and to incorporate them with the building’s ‘Around the World’ aesthetic. The main staircase features several tentacles, some as large as 30 feet long, bursting through the walls and the floor, grabbing onto and bending thematic elements throughout the central area. Other fantastical elements include the bottom of a Rocketship erupting through the ceiling, a working elevator “clock” and gears floor indicator, and various rooms designed to look like countries for a quick trip around the world.


Fabrication, Design Support, Prototyping, Testing, Interactive Development, Installation