Reservoir Center for Water Solutions

Washington DC

Designer: Luci Creative

With the opening of Washington DC’s new Reservoir Center on the Potomac’s riverfront, water technology company, Xylem, is creating a hub of communication and collaboration for stakeholders focusing on pressing issues related to global water sustainability, security, and affordability. The Reservoir Center brings together a community of people unified in a common purpose: creating solutions to solve the world’s urgent water challenges.

Through a number of visitor experience elements, the Reservoir Center focuses on four key themes: the stakes, the issues, the solutions, and the people. Ravenswood Studio worked closely with the exhibit designer, media developer, client, and GC to fabricate components that seamlessly integrated into the newly completed facility.

One of the largest elements that Ravenswood Studio constructed was a Corian etched wall, bringing an extra layer of texture and movement to a flat surface. Ravenswood Studio was also responsible for all of the graphic production and printing, wayfinding installation, and AV installation oversight.


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