Alif Ba Exhibition


Designer: Sage Creative Goup

The Alif Ba Exhibition allows families to explore the Arabic alphabet through 28 hands-on interactives. Through these displays, visitors can touch the letters of Huruf al-Abjadiyah (Arabic alphabets) and listen to the sound of each of them to discover Arabic words that start with those letters. Tables with educational worksheets are also available, allowing children to practice writing and tracing the Arabic alphabet for themselves. The exhibition is part of the latest edition of the Years of Culture cultural exchange program run by Qatar Museums.

Ravenswood Studio worked with designer Sage Creative Group to develop, engineer, and program the 28 letter interactives. Each kiosk has its own custom circuit board for ease of updates and changes if needed. Knowing the exhibit plans to travel, the letters were build into four groups, creating opportunities for the exhibition to fit into a variety of spaces.


Interactive Development

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