Hartwell Memorial Window

Chicago, Illinois

Designer: Art Institute of Chicago

The over 100-year-old Hartwell Memorial Window is now permanent view at the Art Institute of Chicago. The window was originally made for the Central Baptist Church by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1917 and was acquired by the Art Institute in its full form, something rarely seen. Ravenswood Studio partnered with the Art Institute to create the massive steel frame and backlighting for this 26 foot by 18 foot window display.

The window, made up of 48 separate panels, is held up by a 10-piece welded steel frame weighing over 8,000 pounds. A backlight is built-in behind to mimic sunlight, showcasing the full beauty and tremendous size of the piece. For easy access to repairs, the lights are built onto a tracking system, allowing them to be pulled out from each side. The front of the window is made of sculpted foam, modeled after the church’s original window frame.