Pioneer Zephyr Updates

Chicago, Illinois

Designer: Casson Mann & Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

On May 26, 1934, the Pioneer Zephyr began its first nonstop “Dawn to Dusk” speed run from Denver to Chicago. The Zephyr completed this historic trip in just over 13 hours, ushering in a new height of train travel and style. Almost 30 years later, three of the original train cars were donated to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) and have been a museum favorite ever since.

As a part of recent updates to this long-loved exhibit, Ravenswood Studio worked closely with MSI to bring new life to the “Silver Streak.” Updates to the exhibition include new graphics and digital media, physical interactives, and visual and sound surrounds that take visitors through an illustrious train ride.

At the front of the train platform sits an interactive on how the Zephyr’s innovate diesel-electric engine powered various elements of the train. Visitors can see how electricity goes from the engine to power lights, music, and cooking tools. Ravenswood also updated the storage train car interactive. Large wooden crates with “peak-a-boo” windows give patrons a glimpse into different artifacts that were carried on the first trip across the country.


Graphic Management & Printing
Interactive Development
Media Management
Project Management
Upholstery Oversight

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