Perfume Passage


Designer: Luci Creative

The Perfume Passage is the first private museum dedicated to preserving the art, history, and beauty of perfume bottles, compacts, ephemera, and related vanity items. Inspired by vintage apothecary shops, glass museums, and exhibits exploring scents and ingredients, Ravenswood Studio used the expertise of its team members with theatrical and museum environmental fabrication backgrounds to create four unique experiences:

  1. THE PASSAGE. Modeled after 19th-century Parisian shopping arcades, the meticulously crafted exhibits of ‘The Passage’ showcase original cabinetry and millwork seamlessly integrated into new custom fixtures. Passage storefronts feature elaborate conservation-grade casework and dioramas, ornate glass and carved window frames, detailed pilaster boxes and railings, and museum-quality case lighting.
  2. THE DRUG STORE. The second area, called ‘The Drug Store,’ contains a restored recreation of a vintage ice cream parlor and intricate display shelves inspired by 19th-century apothecaries. An Enfleurage exhibit and an Organ Bottle display are surrounded by hundreds of artifacts that were painstakingly mounted.
  3. THE ART DECO GALLERY. Inspired by Lalique Fountains of the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs, ‘The Art Deco Gallery’ features deco-inspired longwall conservation-grade case structures and displays, LED lit acrylic fountains, one-of-a-kind mirrors, and custom designed Terrazzo flooring.
  4. THE PERFUME VAULT. The fourth and final area called ‘The Perfume Vault’ highlights the beauty and significance of the perfume collection with hand-illustrated mural installations, velour wall panels, and archival display casework and vitrines.

By including these historical design contexts and influences, the Perfume Passage gives visitors a better understanding and appreciation of the artifacts on display. Ravenswood Studio, in collaboration with exhibit designers, curators, architects, general contractors, and structural and mechanical systems, fabricated the entire exhibition from concept to installation.


100% Floor to Ceiling Exhibit Fabrication
Archival Casework and Dioramas
Faux Finishing
Custom Millwork
Budget Development
Project Management
Custom Lighting Solutions

Perfume Museum Custom Exhibit Fabrication by Ravenswood Studio