Moonshot Museum

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Designer: Luci Creative

The Moonshot Museum is the first museum to focus on career readiness for the growing space industry. Visitors see an actual lunar spacecraft as scientists and engineers are building it, embark on a simulated lunar mission, and learn how people fit into the future of space exploration.

The mission-based experience challenges visitors to build the first permanent settlement on the Moon. Working in teams, visitors cycle through a series of challenges at five stations, including building a lunar rover, selecting a settlement site, and writing a charter for their society.

The unfacilitated experience invites visitors to explore the current space industry by engaging with five interactive stations at their own pace. As the Museum grows, it will add other mission-based experiences to encourage repeat visitation.

To create this dynamic experience, Ravenswood Studio’s artisans fabricated futuristic “lunar rooms,” adorned with custom-sculpted moon rocks. Each step of the simulated lunar mission is housed in a specific themed area, while still maintaining an open concept in the museum. In addition to the fabrication of the museum environment, Ravenswood Studio led the development and engineering of the mechanical interactives.


Graphic Production
Graphic Printing
Interactive Development
Game Play