Victoria the T. rex Exhibition

Traveling Exhibition

Designer: XL Scenic

Victoria the T. rex is currently the largest and second most complete T. rex fossil in a traveling exhibit. Ravenswood Studio worked closely with XL Scenic and IMG Events to fabricate this engaging and immersive display.

Visitors can not only learn about Victoria and what scientist observed about her life from fossils, but step into the world where Victoria lived and thrived. From vegetation and landscape, to engaging with all of Victoria’s “five senses,” there are many ways to explore Victoria the T. rex: The Exhibition.

Custom casework throughout the exhibit protects replicated Cretaceous period dinosaur fossils. In addition to the casework, Ravenswood developed and fabricated several interactives. They include a digital volcano projection, a full-scale tree and plant “maze,” and Do You Smell That?, a curated collection of scents scientists believe Victoria may have smelled. The exhibit also required a special crating system, designed and built by Ravenswood Studio, to transport the platform for Victoria and the exhibit scenery safely to each new venue.


Project Management

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