Experience Gallery

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Designer: Luci Creative

The Harley-Davidson Museum has revved up and reshaped its campus with new spaces and experiences. Ravenswood Studio worked with the exhibit design and client team to fabricate the new Experience Gallery which immerses visitors in the Harley-Davidson lifestyle, community, and rider experience.

Visitors encounter a dynamic and interactive motorcycle trip on The Road where the pursuit of adventure merges with a global community of H-D enthusiasts. Within this area, Ravenswood Studio built a two-story media wall made of steel, custom cases to house artifacts, a “road” platform to secure the motorcycles for a safe, hands-on “riding” experience, and several themed media pillars and interactive display cases.

Additionally, Ravenswood Studio managed all of the graphic production and printing. In the Freedom for the Soul section, graphic panels tell the personal stories of riders and why they choose Harley-Davidson. Each graphic panel is made to be quickly and seamlessly updateable to tell new rider stories as the exhibit evolves.


Cost Estimating
Interactive Development
Custom Casework
Graphic Production & Printing

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