Halls of the Pacific

The Field Museum of Chicago

Designer: Luci Creative

The Pacific Islands, encompassing New Guinea, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Marshall Islands, the Philippines, and more, span vast ocean distances. Inhabited by diverse peoples speaking numerous languages, each island boasts unique historical and modern customs. Within the Halls of the Pacific, visitors delve into this rich tapestry through various artifacts—masks, wood carvings, and instruments—showcasing the region’s cultural depth.

Many items, dating from the late 1800s to early 1900s, were curated decades ago. Recent outreach efforts to islands like Fiji and Samoa expand the Field Museum’s understanding. Partnerships with the Filipino American community in Chicago deepen cultural insights, shaping the exhibits within the halls.

Ravenswood Studio was responsible for fabricating and installing six freestanding pillars to help visitors identify the various cultures presented in this gallery. Additionally, Ravenswood produced large-scale graphics, interpretive panels, and several climate-controlled cases to complete the gallery refresh.