Four Rivers at The Confluence

Forest Preserve District of Will County, Illinois

Situated at the confluence of the Des Plaines, DuPage, and Kankakee Rivers, forming the Illinois River, the Four Rivers Environmental Education Center offers a lush setting for enriching experiences. Within the Educational Center is the exhibit, Four Rivers at the Confluence, fabricated by Ravenswood Studio. It features a 2,000-gallon fish tank and information on the local wildlife, fauna, and ecosystems.

Four Rivers at the Confluence introduces visitors to nature through displays and interactives, including an oversized sculpted mussel, a weight scale for a hypothetical winter migration, a dynamic bird board forecasting daily avian presence, and an aerial map detailing the Four Rivers site and preserve. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the center serves as an intellectual nexus, fostering a profound appreciation for the ecological richness it encapsulates.

For the facility’s exterior, Ravenswood built an oversized combo-feeder/birdbath designed to attract the many birds that visit the surrounding McKinley Woods preserve.


Custom Sculpting
Graphic Production & Printing
Project Management

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