Many Voices, Many Stories, One Place

St. Paul, Minnesota

Designer: Minnesota Historical Society

Historic Fort Snelling’s exhibit; Many Voices, Many Stories, One Place; tells the robust story of one of Minnesota’s oldest national landmarks. The permanent exhibit expands on the historically valuable and sometimes complicated past of Fort Snelling, located at St. Paul’s Bdote, which means “where two waters come together.” It includes the stories of individuals whose lives played out at various times, including Dakota and Ojibwe people, Japanese-Americans, immigrants, enslaved African Americans, soldiers, and fur traders.

Ravenswood Studio was responsible for the fabrication, installation, and graphic production. The majority of walls and graphics are direct print on Baltic Birch. A combination of historical images, illustrations, graphic panels, and in some cases interactives, all cohesively layer over each other to bring a contrasting look without being overwhelming.

Because the museum is a historical landmark, nothing from the exhibit can be attached to or supported by the building structure. This gave Ravenswood Studio the unique challenge of creating a self-supporting exhibit. Wall frames made of aluminum were constructed, making it possible for staff to disassemble and move elements if needed.


Graphic Production & Printing
Project Management

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