Numbers in Nature

Museum Of Science & Industry

Designer: Luci Creative

Ravenswood Studio designed, engineered, built, and installed this award winning, interactive, fully-immersive permanent and traveling exhibits for the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. The two organic pods seen in the first and last galleries, are fabricated with printed tension fabric that are internally illuminated.

The exhibit’s centerpiece is an 1,800 sq. ft. interactive mirror maze. In order to make this experience bullet proof with thousands of students running through it daily, we used prisongrade mirrors to prevent breakage. A highly technical lighting system was also developed, and embedded into the floor to help create this unique illusion of a “hall of mirrors.” In the maze we created a series of hidden “easter eggs” to deliver additional content. With two-way glass and an infrared trigger we hid graphics and artifacts behind the mirrored walls. When visitors approach, they are surprised by graphic content, mathbased artifacts, and even digital games.

Other exhibit highlights include the “Vitruvian Mirror,” a Kinectpowered camera and video screen that measures your height and wingspan, and tells the visitor if their body conforms to the Golden Ratio.